Back to School and Work

When I was growing up, Labor Day weekend used to be the end of summer and the beginning of school. Today, it is just another three-day weekend, as year-round schools and sliding schedules seem to be the norm with the people I know who have kids or grandkids in school. 
For retired folks, it means the campsites will be a little less crowded, and we can be naked in our trailer and a little freer in public campgrounds that don’t get a lot of visitors. Public campsites on federal land should be a mecca for nudists in my opinion. For nudists to be more accepted, we need to be out of our segregated campgrounds and look for more nude-friendly public spaces. 
We follow federal land use guidelines and general plan change proposals. GAT often asks members to contact their congressional representatives to advocate nude use. We also push Bureau of Land Management (BLM), parks, and United States Forest Service (USFS) to designate nude use places or guidelines. It’s great to be able to see nude use areas designated to avoid conflict with other campers and lands users. I love being able to work on my GAT duties while working on my tan sitting nude at a campground, enjoying nature without a care.
The Sports Illustrated Nude athletes issue came out a few weeks ago and made a splash on media outlets where I was traveling at the time. Most comments were about the tasteful shots and buff physiques highlighted by the quality photos. We don’t always have those photos in The Bulletin. However, we have normal people doing everyday things, but our ability to be comfortable nude is no less important to showing people there is no shame in naked bodies. Thanks goes to Sports Illustrated for continuing to show tasteful nude photos in a general circulation magazine.