The Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and hopefully we are focusing our attention on the joy and camaraderie that usually follows us in the holiday season. We have had fires and hurricanes these last few months and they have occupied much of our time and concern. Now, as we move past these events and deal with the aftermath as a community, we pull together to provide assistance to those who have suffered and offer our support to those still struggling with the effects. 
Debra Mullins and I host a family Thanksgiving and we also host a dinner for the River Dippers and Northern California Exposure nudist clubs. At our dinners this year, we collected money for relief efforts. By now, money is a welcome way to help. Locally, we also collect for food banks as a long-term support effort made by our local clubs.
I like to take time at the end of the year and reflect on how I did on the personal goals I set each year. We had a year of family challenges and have a lot of “stuff” we have accumulated that now requires going through boxes of papers and possessions. We decided we needed to make an effort to get ahead of this stuff and have put a lot of effort into house cleaning. Why are we keeping this, and can it benefit someone else more? These are the questions we ask. When it comes to AANR and the efforts I make for the organization, I ask similar questions. Why are we doing this and can it be done better? 
Since 2018 is an election year, there will be more action in the state legislatures next year than there was in 2017. The national scene in Washington doesn’t seem to promise much change from last year. Our focus can’t waver. We must continue seeking opportunities to increase our recognition as the leader in nude recreation. We need to strengthen our ties with our partners in the American Recreation Coalition and our grassroots efforts across the country. 
I’m hoping we can find some new members of the GAT team in 2018. AANR-East is still looking for members who can provide support within their local area. When your region takes in most of the Atlantic coast, it requires a team to break up that area into manageable parts. We have been asking for support within the region, and now I’m asking via The Bulletin.
If you have an interest in politics and the political process in your local area, take the time to contact the AANR-East officers or me, and let us know where you would like to help. Wishing everyone a pleasant holiday season and a Happy New Year.