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LA Trade and Travel Show Expo Recap

By Gary Mussell

Members from four local naturist clubs came together to staff the AANR-West booth at the annual Los Angeles Travel Show in Long Beach February 26-27.

Show organizers estimated the two-day crowd at about 50,000 and our booth certainly received its share of attention!

Clubs from Oregon to Florida had brochures on the table, since the show attracted travel visitors from across the country. AANR had several brochures that were eagerly received.

Compared to previous years, we spoke to a much higher percentage of people who were closet skinny-dippers themselves looking for other places to go.  This year a greater number of these were women instead of men.

Our booth also featured a game wheel where visitors could spin to win a giveaway prize such as a chip bag clip or some lip balm.  The most popular giveaway was the “I’m a Nudist and I Vote” buttons, which we required people wear around the show. It generated curiosity around the aisles and people came to our booth deliberately to get a button.

The big visitor draw was our raffle that included several great prizes.  Bare Necessities Travel donated a cabin for two people on their 2017 nude cruise through the Caribbean, a $3600 value.  We also gave away two-night stays at several clothing-optional bed-and-breakfast locations, one two-night stay at Glen Eden, two Glen Eden towels, and Olive Dell gave away two entries in their April 10 5K Bare Burro Run.


2016 CPRS (California Parks and Recreation Trade Show) Recap

By Gary Mussell (with help from Mike Glinzak)

Overall Assessment of Show Program, Exhibits and the People Attending

We were surprised by the age of the average visitor, around age 35-40, a great percentage of them were women. There was also a large percentage holding lower-level staff positions in their twenties either in various city park departments or in administrative planning positions.  We were also surprised to hear from so many who said they were nudists, and that they were members of existing nudist clubs or else had skinny-dipped in a backyard or at a beach with friends in the past. Most of the others (older demographic) had no idea about local nudity ordinances at all, and many told us they just assumed it was illegal everywhere.  Some were quite surprised (aghast may be a better word) that we even had a booth at the show.  But very few appeared neutral about us. 

We confirmed it is important to have both genders represented in our booth so it does not look like only a couple of old white males promoting it. On both days, during less busy moments, Helen became our roving ambassador, as she wandered the hall having a lot of fun making new friends, distributing nail files, and inviting people to visit our booth.

The “I’m a Nudist and I Vote” buttons were our most popular giveaway, but since we had only a limited supply, we insisted that to get a button the visitor had to wear it for the rest of the convention.  Very few said no, and soon people were seeking out our booth to get a button after they saw someone else wearing one.  Basic Marketing 101!

The Emery Boards and Pens were also popular items to grab off the table. Most were polite and talked to us before taking them, but we did use the emery boards as a “come over” pitch to people walking by the booth to get them to stop. After the show, I inventoried what was left, and we distributed about 200 emery boards and 100 (all of the) pens.  Only a dozen or so of the annual pins are left.